Numerous Opportunities to Help Brand & Grow Your Business

  • Race and Course Sponsorships

    As one of the top 6 sporting events in the region, the Queen’s Cup offers a unique opportunity for business partnership. The Queen’s Cup is renowned for excellence in all that we do, building strong and lasting relationships with our partners pivotal to the success of the Queen’s Cup. Working together we will assure that nothing but the very best is offered to our Race and Course Partners both today and in the future. So why partner with us? Consider this. The Queen’s Cup…

    • Is a lifestyle-specific experience where everyone goes home happy. In a recent study, attending a paid to enter life-style event made its patrons love a brand more, while those that stayed home saw a different reaction:
      • 89% like brands that sponsor a life-style experience, compared to 63% among non-attendees;
      • 89% perceive those brands as being more authentic, compared to 56% among non-attendees;
      • 83% leave with a greater trust for brands that support a life-style experience, compared to 53% among non-attendees;
      • 80% purchased a product from a sponsoring brand after the experience, compared to 55% among non-attendees; and
      • 80% recommend brands that sponsor the event experience to their networks, compared to 49% among non-attendees.
    • Attracts one of the highest demographics of any sporting and social event in the Charlotte region
    • Appeals to a broad spectrum of industries and individuals seeking maximum access and exposure to a lifestyle-specific audience.
    • Provides an immediate, intermediate and long-term halo effect for every marketing dollar spent.
    • Generates hundreds of thousands of media impressions across tv, radio, print, billboard, online and social channels.
    • One of the few events in the Charlotte DMA where marketing and hospitality combine to provide the ultimate in customer retention while prospecting for more.
  • Activity Sponsorships

    There’s more to the Queen’s Cup than live jump racing as the day is made up of other attractions that tie into the event’s main attraction. The Activities listed below are available for sponsorship at a very reasonable investment. Own a small but important part of the day with one of these very popular Activities on the last Saturday of April. Sponsorships can be stand-alone or made a part of a hospitality package. Activity Sponsorships start for as little as $3,500:

    • Hat Contest – One of our most popular events of the day.
    • Corgi Races – There’s more than just horse racing – fun for all ages
    • Opening Ceremonies – Where tradition meets anticipation for the main events
    • Tailgate Contest – All patrons put their best effort to be crowned Tailgate Champions
    • The Hot Walk Party – A fitting end to a spectacular day
    • Kids Pony Rides – Young aspiring jockeys get to try it out

Advertise in the Official Race Program

We invite you to advertise in The Official Race Program. This premier social and sporting event has it all; from style and class to the demographic any business would want to be associated with, advertising in our Official Race Program is a great and inexpensive way to start. Patrons pour over each and every page to look at the photos, ads and of course the entries for each race. Consider this…

  • Your paid ad does more than advertise – 100% of the inside ad revenue goes to our non-profit partner.
  • The demographics of our spectators rank among the top earners in the Charlotte DMA, making the Queen’s Cup a wonderful venue to promote your organization
  • Don’t have a business – consider making a “pronouncement” of a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary and more
  • Appeals to a broad spectrum of industries and individuals seeking maximum access and exposure to a lifestyle-specific audience